Barista & Cafe Management Training

The best coffees (and teas!) in the world demand the best baristas in town to bring them to life. Tailored materials and on-site training result in a shaper, more efficient team and promotes a higher level of staff retention. 

Home Espresso

Home espresso equipment can set you back as much as a piano. And, just like musical instruments, everyone has their own tastes and preferences! One on one lessons on your home setup help you get exactly what you want out of your investment.

Web Design & Marketing

Your online presence should reflect what you do best: you! Your brand is all about your personality and the people that you work with.  

Web design examples:
Baltimore Coffee Alliance
Opus Community Music School


Beverage Program Development

Beverage programs should reflect your overall vision. As with everything else, start with an audience of one. If you love it, odds are other will, too.

Recipe Development & COGS Optimization

Proper recipe development ensures coffees are delicious, efficient and cost effective.